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Travel bag

Size:  13.8"x17.8" (35x45cm)
       17.7"x23.7" (45x60cm)
       13.7"x35.5" (60x90cm)
Meterial:  PA+PE & PET+PE
Thickness:  0.06mm
Packing:  Color box /Opp bag
Color :  Transparent/Printing

1. Pack your bedding, clothing, gear - any items you want to carry and/or protect. Do not pack above fill line. 

2. Seal the ¡°zipper¡± easily with the Sure-Zip™ slider. Our patented closure system ensures an airtight seal for ultimate protection. 

3. Roll toward the bottom, expelling air through the one way valve and flattening compressible items. Squeezing the air out of bulky items lets you pack up to twice as much£¡
4. Stow in your carry-on, suitcase, gym bag or back pack. Great for day trips or short-term storage. You can carry or store it rolled, flat or folded.

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